How to Stage your Home to Sell

Posted on: November 9, 2017

Many clients ask us how to best showcase their home to appeal to buyers. According to the National Association of Realtors, nearly half of real estate agents agree that staging increases a sales price by 1-20%. A few hours or a weekend spent on preparing your home for prospective buyers may truly pay off. Honestly it goes without saying that a clean, bright and open interior will look much more appealing (and valuable) than cluttered, dark and messy rooms.

So begin with a good purging. Many of us feel as if going through closets and rooms to determine what furniture or accessories or clothes or shoes might be sold, donated or thrown out is completely overwhelming. We’re never really “done” with purging and organizing, are we? Consider renting a short-term storage unit to pack away rarely used items such as small pieces of furniture, photos, trinkets on shelves and those boxes in the closet that you haven’t unpacked since you last moved. Buyers will actually be opening those closets so be sure to clear them out and organize to show how spacious they really are.

Next, take a look at carpets, flooring and walls that might need freshening up. Perhaps just a good steam clean on your floors will do the trick. A coat of neutral colored paint works wonders to bring a tired room to life. Most buyers want to see a clean slate when they are imagining where their artwork will hang and lighter wall colors help with that visualization. Make the necessary minor repairs to light fixtures, scuffed baseboards and squeaky doors. The duster is your friend, especially the corners of each room and ceiling fans. A professional cleaning is worth the expense – they’ll see dust you have grown to live with!

As for decor, think white and light. Towels in bathrooms and bedding especially should be white. Less is more when it comes to furniture – put the short-term storage unit to work with brightly colored or truly unnecessary pieces. A few tasteful accessories on end tables or coffee tables can help add a sophisticated, designed look. Particularly before the photo shoot or open houses, strategically place a few low vases of fresh flowers. Orchid arrangements will last longer and add height to an entrance table or a dining table.

Finally, with our depth of experience at Lowell International Realty, we can guide you during the home staging process. We can give you ideas to arrange the furniture in a way that makes a room “pop” and appeal to discerning buyers. Our trusted book of contacts accompanies each of our sales associates to assist you with any home project, such as painters, landscape architects, and even professional stagers. If you’d like to know more, we are glad to make an appointment to share some of our ideas and professional advice. We will set the stage for your home to sell!



By Lauren Billingslea Dowlen


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