By Lani Kahn Drody
Broker + President

We recently spoke to Naomi Levi, Government Affairs Manager for the City of Coral Gables about the possible annexation of the unincorporated Miami-Dade County communities of Ponce Davis and High Pines.  These two neighborhoods occupy 675 acres of land and have a population of 2,960 people in mostly single family homes.  Coral Gables surrounds both of these communities on the north, east and south borders, so annexation would make good geographic sense.  We think it may also make very good economic and governing sense too!

Here’s the latest… The City of Coral Gables submitted an application to Miami-Dade County in April.  There are lots of hoops they need to jump through before annexation happens.  First on the list is an appearance in front of the Miami-Dade County Planning Advisory Board where they will get good input and have a much better idea of the County’s willingness to move forward.  Assuming the Miami-Dade County Commission ultimately approves the matter, the final choice to be annexed will lie in homeowners’ hands with a public referendum vote.  Expect this to happen in the Spring of 2020.

We hear that most Ponce Davis residents are in favor of the move, while High Pines residents are more split in their opinions.

Consider some factors affecting an annexation decision by residents: Coral Gables has a slightly higher millage rate than Miami-Dade county so residents’ property taxes are expected to increase slightly.  However, the panache of a Coral Gables address and more local, accessible police and fire services may make the move worth it.  Also consider that the Ponce Davis neighborhood pays for a roving off duty police patrol in their property tax bills. If the annexation occurs, the closer police services may negate the need for this service and be closer to a wash in the cost differential with Coral Gables millage rates.

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