In the past couple of weeks, your mailboxes may have been graced with the premiere issue of Coral Gables, the Magazine, the brainchild of longtime publisher, Richard Roffman and his business partner, award-winning writer and editor, J.P.Faber. As if perfectly timed, Coral Gables, the City and Coral Gables, the magazine serendipitously came together at a time when one was wanting to speak about its renaissance, and the other was considering which South Florida zip code had rich, publication-worthy material for their next magazine. Enter Coral Gables.

Mr. Roffman knew that with its historic beauty, international business district, resurging real estate market, affluent, social demographic and central location, the Gables had volumes of content running through its oak-lined streets. All things considered, this beautiful enclave would make the ideal candidate for their next city-themed publication {past magazines include Miami Magazine, South Florida CEO, Latin Trade, Latin CEO among many others}. However, before putting pen to paper, Roffman and Faber requested a meeting with those who knew the city inside and out, Mayor Raul Valdes-Fauli and City Manager, Cathy Swanson-Rivenbark. The opinion of these insiders on the timing for a city-wide magazine was pivotal. The answer was a resounding, “yes”. The City Beautiful was going through a rebrand, a relaunch, and having a publication to communicate these advances would be the perfect instrument. And so this symbiotic relationship was formed, one that plans to continue meeting at least once a month.

Envisioning a top- rate publication, the likes of many around the country such as Los Angeles Magazine, Austin Monthly and Philadelphia Magazine, meant assembling an experienced team of professional journalists, photographers and designers, among others. The idea was never to be a magazine to be enjoyed solely by locals, but one that would also appeal nationally due to its rich content and style, both literarily and visually.

“We printed 20,000 copies of this 1st edition. For the next ones, we are going to 25-30,000 max. Beyond circulating in Coral Gables, Pinecrest, etc. I would love to see Coral Gabes, the Magazine on newsstands in our nation’s airports.”
-Richard Roffman

The first issue was meticulously planned, its articles researched, written, edited, and rewritten, photographers sent out to capture its contents’ characters, and pageswere laid out until finally, months of work produced the first issue of Coral Gables, the Magazine. Local favorite, Books and Books’ Mitch Kaplan’s incredible journey, from selling stories read on paper to one watched on a screen, was the captivating cover piece Undoubtedly, the hearty account of Coral Gables’ rapidly expanding real estate developments also played a significant role in illustrating the number of new projects that are about to change the city’s skyline, which went hand-in-hand with the plentiful amount of ads featuring agencies to help sell, rent or buy them all up. Future editions will continue to cover cultural events, dining, travel, business, new developments, and headline makers. Understanding the importance of communities and their development, Mr. Roffman received hands-on experience building them with his family as they developed housing communities in Broward, much like Lowell’s own, Lani Kahn Drody.

Rounding out his love of all things Coral Gables, Richard Roffman just premiered, Coral Gables Live, a one-hour radio program airing Friday afternoons from 5 – 6 pm on 880 AM.


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