Miami’s Medieval Castle

Charles Sieger Home

If you’re a successful Miami architect, theres no way you could live in just any house right? I imagine thats what compelled Charles Sieger to build the Castle above, complete with a manmade lake / moat. After seeing the exterior of this magnificent home isn’t it obvious that nothing else could do?

Seiger built a home to suit his tastes channeling medieval style, his design sense and maybe a childhood fantasy or two. The blog “Curbed” nailed the description of this extravagant home:

“As if to reveal the Sieger’s deepest personal obsessions, everything about the property is painstakingly symmetrical, from the quite-obviously manmade lake to the diamond-shaped courtyard to the pair of concrete gazebos (accessed by stepping-stone paths) jutting out to either side of the house. The eight-bedroom, eight-bathroom, 10,100-square-foot interiors have a bright, airy, double-height living room, but the ornate wrought-iron rail running around the second story creates a moody, almost Gothic feel (as do many of the furnishings). And if Stonehenge and the Roman Forum were to have an extremely modern baby, it would likely resemble that sculpture garden out back.”

This home is on the market for the first time since being built in 2007 and Judy Zeder of EWM is representing the seller. If you’re interested in purchasing this home give us a call for more information. More pictures are available here: “Totes Ma Motes” //

Source: Curbed &